Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Dare to Dream

The Human Support Services Day Treatment program has started making dreams come true! Following the "Dare to Dream" workshop held recently at HSS by Krescene Beck from New Visions, the Day Training staff got to work making things happen! Joe S.'s dream was to "go back home." So the Day Treatment seniors’ class took a surprise field trip to the country. They visited the town of St. Libory, the area Joe grew up in. Unfortunately they could not visit his old home because it no longer was there and is now the site of a coal mine. They did however get to visit his 83 year-old sister who still lives on her dairy farm. Joe and his sister got to visit and the seniors’ class had lunch at Chicken's restaurant. He returned that day and stated, "today my dream came true!" It was awesome to see his reaction to this event. Joe was beaming from excitement for days following the trip. It was also equally exciting to see the renewed excitement from staff. This is a perfect example of staff looking outside of the box and individualizing services to meet the needs, desires, and dreams of our clients. It is our mission to continue making the dreams of our clients a reality. After all, THIS is why we are here. Great job DT staff! – E Fuson, Day Training and Work Services Coordinator

Joe & his sister